The history of our company dates back to 1998. Founder Hashem Zamani owned the company Rodeh Pichak Hegmataneh based in Iran and was engaged in its export and import. The company has several specializations within the livestock industry.

As a result of its activities in the international trade market, the company came into contact with the transport and logistics sector. This gave rise to the vision to offer a high-quality and fast transport service for fair prices. Trade Original was founded in 2015 and since then we have been planning our drivers from Sneek through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

A large-scale expansion took place in 2018. Since then we have been mainly engaged in organizing and arranging road transport, sea transport and air transport, specializing in Europe and the Middle East.

In mid-2019 we officially made the switch from transport to freight forwarder and since then we have only used external carriers.

We have been organizing customs transports and sea freight since 2020.

Until today, we still improve our quality and service at a rapid pace that distinguishes us from other transport companies.

We often pick up shipments registered with us late within 24 hours. Our main goal is to unburden our customers in all aspects of transport and logistics.

From our intermediary role it is easy to find the best solution for transporting all your loads.

Our strength lies here. Always the best solution!

Hashem                    Zamani

Hashem Zamani

Managing Director

Paulina Protas

Paulina Protas

Administratie / finance

Atefeh Hosini

Atefeh Hosini

Administration/ planner

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